Engine Developer

Job summary

The engine developer is responsible for optimizing technologies related to detection of computer threats. Primary responsibilities include programming the detection engine, and programming internal and external tools that automate data processing. Given the large amount of data, it is extremely important to flexibly design and implement highly effective processing algorithms. Security and reliability of the code is essential as for the products are used by millions of users worldwide.  

Professional Qualifications

  • Must have expert experience in the C or C++ programming language, preferably in the MS Windows environment
  • Must have good assembly language knowledge (at least with the x86 platform)
  • Experience with additional programming languages, operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X,...), and platforms (x64, ARM,...) are a big plus
  • Practical experience in disassembling, decompiling, and reverse engineering in general is beneficial; as well as understanding of malicious code
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree from university in Computer Science is a plus, but not mandatory
  • Good writing skills and ability to effectively study technical documentation in English

Personal Qualifications

  • Genuine interest in IT security and willingness to learn new technologies
  • Analytical thinking and ability to independently design new ways to solve problems
  • Ability to work both individually and as part of a small team. The ability to work autonomously on larger projects is beneficial
  • Ability to assume responsibility and accountability for assigned tasks

Place of Employment

  • Bratislava
  • Krakow

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