If you think that all we do at ESET is analyze malicious code and chase malware writers, you could not be further from the truth. We attach as much importance to basic R&D, as well as applied development. It is precisely these we work hard to develop and further hone in our programming skills. That is why we were able to develop leading edge technologies such as Exploit Blocker or LiveGrid – and do so in-house. What’s more, we continually perfect our solutions for Windows, Mac or Linux users. Most of the time you will find us working in C++, but we also reach for Java, HTML, Perl or Python.

We have the following open positions:

Windows C/C++ Developer – Bratislava, Slovakia

Windows Server Developer C++ – Bratislava, Slovakia

C/C++ Developer – Backend – Bratislava, Slovakia

Linux/Mac OS X Programmer – Bratislava, Slovakia

Java Developer (Remote Administrator) – Bratislava, Slovakia

C/C++ Developer (Remote Administrator) – Bratislava, Slovakia

C++ Developer (Remote Administrator) – Prague, Czech Republic

Database Developer - Kraków, Poland

Core Software Engineer - Kraków, Poland

Frontend Developer - Kraków, Poland

Show us what you’ve got

If any of the above positions interest you, let us know. Go on and solve the problem you find by each of the positions or send us some of your previous work you are particularly proud of.

How to do it?

  1. Download the Tic Tac Toe task and go over the points.
    The problem is devised in a way to put your skills to the test. These are the same skills which we are looking for to fill a particular position.
  2. Send in your solution to the address found by the problem’s description.
    Even if you do not arrive at the solution at first, it’s not a big deal. We’d love to see also your work, even if it is incomplete as we are interested mainly in your approach. This will help us to figure out whether all you need is a slight nudge or a kick, once you join our team.