Mobile Applications Programmer

Job summary

ESET is constantly looking for C/C++ programmers to share in the development of applications for MS mobile platforms. The application and project portfolio is not restricted to anti-virus programs and for a skilled programmer there is definite room for applying yourself and for self-realization. Such work involves the Android, iPhone, Symbian, MeeGo, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 mobile platforms.

Responsibilities and Functions

  • Programming applications for mobile devices (Windows mobile, Symbian, Android, iPhone)
  • Design and implementation of individual programs or sections of larger projects in C/C++

Professional Qualifications

  • Experience with LINUX platform and Windows platform programming
  • Excellent C/C++ and OOP skills are a pre-requisite
  • QT, work with GUI and QML for Linux and Symbian
  • Knowledge of the ANDROID platform is welcome
  • Knowledge of the SYMBIAN platform is welcome

Personal Qualifications

  • Interest in new trends and technology, the drive to continuously improve
  • Ability to see things to the end and focus on the final goal
  • Pro-active and positive approach towards resolving problems
  • Junior programmers can also apply if they have the drive to perfect themselves in the area of mobile security, C/C++ programming and have solid programming experience

Place of Employment

  • Bratislava
  • Prague (opening of a new team depends on the number of successful campaign candidates)
  • Košice (opening of a team depends on the number of successful campaign candidates)

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