Malware Researcher

The program EsetCrackme2013.exe was designed to test your skills in reverse engineering. The task is aimed at candidates for the position „Malware Researcher“. Adequate programming knowledge and reverse engineering (code disassembling) skills are necessary for a successful completion of the task.

Your goal is to perform an analysis of the code of this executable. The analysis of the code should produce information about the payload of the program, conditions necessary for the execution of certain actions, etc.

Don’t get discouraged, put off, nor fooled! The program code can contain hidden files and text strings, conditional tasks, anti-debugging techniques and so on. If you don’t manage to overcome all obstacles, don’t despair, but send in your partial solution. Don’t forget that it’s also necessary to describe the procedure of your analysis, as your way of thinking can tell us more about your abilities than the results themselves. Send your results, analyses or comments to:

Good luck with your investigation! :-)

P.S. Please don't make the solutions public - let's not spoil the fun for others :)

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